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What Now and BGI team up to bring you the exclusive Wobbly Shapes Black Board Tee Shirts.

Every child loves drawing and what could be more fun than drawing on your own tee shirt?

The people at What Now agreed and that is why their TV show is the perfect place to launch these new exclusive Blackboard tee shirts.
The shapes of the blackboard are the What Now Wobbly shapes.

Kids, of all ages, can now wear their art on their tee shirt.

The blackboard formula has been developed and refined over a number of years. The drawing stays on until you wipe it off and the blackboard doesn't crack in the washing machine.

Robyn George-Neich from BGID says "Everyone who sees them loves them and can't wait to have their own. Each person has a different idea of what to draw on them ranging from stick figures to their favorite slogans. These are so fantastic, and fun to wear.

Rebecca Browning from What Now says that "these blackboard tee shirts are brilliant and look great."

What Now wobbly shapes Blackboard Tee Shirts are available exclusively from BGI Developments, while stocks last.