BGI Developments

BGI Developments - helping innovative ideas reach their full market potential..

About Us

BGI Developments is a New Zealand incorporated Company, with Directors in both Wellington and Christchurch.

There are a lot of innovative ideas that never reach their market potential. Why because the innovator doesn't know how to commercialise their ideas. This is where BGI Developments can help. With over 50 years of experience in both building business and the apparel industry, they have the networks and experience essential when commercialising ideas. BGI Developments - helping innovative ideas reach their full market potential.

Robyn George-Neich BBS CA

Robyn is a Charted Accountant who has been working in and with many successful businesses for over 23 years. She runs her own successful export children's clothing business, Marselme.

Robyn's business acumen and international networks are essential for export driven business growth. In addition to growing her own business she has also helped other export driven business grow and prosper on the world stage.

Brent Gregory

Brent has been working in the apparel industry for over 27 years. Initially he was an apprentice cutter and now owns his own garment manufacturing business. His industry experience has helped others in the industry grow their business from a hobby to a profitable business, turning over millions of dollars a year.

They have come together to form BGI Developments, so that innovate New Zealand ideas can succeed on the world stage.